As you will have already noticed, this is a very plain website.  There are no fancy animated symbols and no large pretty pictures.  This is deliberate.

I view this site as an archive for people to save or read a couple of reviews before travelling to a different web site.  The site is designed to make accessing the reviews as quick and as easy as possible and I have ignored logos and animations which would only slow the site down.   My only consession to style is the background.  Pages with Blue backgrounds are indexes, whilst reviews and notices have a plain white background which should be easier to read.

This website was born when I started writing reviews for the newsgroup uk.media.tv.buffy-v-slayer.  By the time the fifth season of Buffy and the second season of Angel finishes on UK TV (Probably late summer 2001) I will have written over one hundred reviews, even before I look at any other shows or other media.  That provides plenty of content for a website.

My reviews have a style that is relatively unique.  Inspired by watching Babylon 5, and reading the Lurkers' Guide, my reviews are part prediction, part commentary.  Of course the easiest way to explain, is to let you read them.

I use different approaches for each type of media I look at.  I treat a ninety minute one off film differently from a season of 45 minute episodes, and a CD is treated in yet another way.

You may like my style of doing things, you may not.  In the end this site is a reflection of my own view of the world.  I'll leave the judgement as to whether it is worth while to others.  I may end up an internationally famous website, or I may be a cult site lost in a small backwater area of the internet, visited only by a few loyal friends.  In the end as long as I can afford to keep on line, and as long as I still enjoy writing my reviews then I will keep the site up and running, be it for one person, or one million.

Finally this site is an hobby, which I have to run within my free time and my finances.  I may review a film which I saw for the first time on TV, or a computer game I got in the sales.  I make no promises to be the first, only that I give an honest and truthful opinion. 


This page was written by MARK CHAMBERLAIN.   mark chamberlain2001. 

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