There are two types of review on this site.  There are the comments about individual episodes of tv shows and there are the normal reviews of films, literature and everything else covered in this site.

For my tv show discussions, it is assumed you HAVE been watching the show up to and including that episode.  As well as discussing topics from this episode I may include related details from previous episodes.  I will not give details of what will happen in a future episode but I may speculate on what could happen in the future.  Sometimes the guesses are correct, usually they are completely wrong, but they are always my opinion of what could happen, never knowledge of what will happen.

In addition for Angel and any other spin-off show I may eventually cover, I will refer to episodes of the original series when relevant.  Despite the haphazard scheduling of Angel in the UK, Angel season 1 and Buffy season 4 were meant to run concurrently and the same will apply to future episodes.  I assume that people will watch the Buffy episode first and so whilst those who have watched Angel will have seen Buffy, those watching Buffy may not have seen Angel yet (perhaps they recorded it to watch tomorrow).  I know this is very simplistic but it is the best system I can come up with.

For all other reviews, it is assumed you HAVE NOT seen, read or heard what I am reviewing. I will not give away spoiler type details.  I will reveal trailer type details, such as the type of film, a brief guide to the story line (where possible) and similar films.  Generally if you watch trailers and read the outlines on books then I doubt you will find anything on the site to spoil you.  If however you don't read the book outlines, and always avoid the trailers, then these reviews are probably not for you.


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